Comparison Vy Canis Majoris Vs Sun

Comparison Vy Canis Majoris Vs Sun

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Comparison Vy Canis Majoris Vs Sun

4 373 096 97 km time for aircraft to complete this circle. It is 4 892 light years from earth and has a circumference of 5 46billion miles around 2 000 times that of our sun.

Comparison Vy Canis Majoris Vs Sun Pin On Vy Canis Majoris

If vy canis majoris was placed in the center of our solar.

Comparison vy canis majoris vs sun. 6899775 225 hours 787 645 years. Which means somewhere between 5 832 000 000 5 8 billion to 9 261 000 000 9 2 billion sun s can fit inside vy canis majoris. Well you haven t heard of canis majoris.

Its mass is estimated at between 15 and 25 times our sun s mass. Is it gravity holding it together. Vy canis majoris radius estimates of the star s radius have previously ranged up to 2 000 times larger than the sun but it is now thought its radius is around 1 500 times that of the sun.

Vy canis majoris is the biggest type of star known as a red hyper giant. 6 209 797 703 km time for aircraft to complete this circle. If the sun was replaced by vy canis majoris it.

Vy canis majoris vy cma is the largest known star and also one of the most luminous it has a radius of around1 800 2 100 times that of our sun. Sun and earth orbit and vy canis majoris ru svg copyrighted dedicated to the public domain by copyright holder released into the public domain by the copyright holder talk list of largest stars pending additions wikipedia. Somewhere between 1800 to 2100 sun s size by side make the diameter of vy canis majoris.

Looks like the math done in one of the videos shared. 1 420 120 solar radii. 696 000 km one circle around the sun.

You think our sun is big. Vy canis majoris abbreviated to vy cma is an extreme oxygen rich o rich red hypergiant rhg or red supergiant rsg and pulsating variable star located at 1 2 kiloparsecs 3 900 ly away from earth in the constellation of canis major it is one of the largest known stars by radius and is also one of the most luminous and massive red supergiants as well as one of the most luminous stars. 4858 hours 6 6 months vy canis majoris radius.

900 km h sun s radius. 988 320 000 km one circle around vy canis majoris.

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